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Primat is also specialized in the production and application of eco-sustainable materials for interior design: they stem from accurate research and great craftmanship skills, thus coupling innovation with tradition.

From our experience in the production of materials we created Shapelime, a solution for luxury finishes in interior design.

 Shapelime is the special project Primat develops for interior design: an unusual solution for the treatment of surfaces, with prestigious finishes handcrafted on site by our Italian craftsmen, who realise material effects of great aesthetic appeal. One continous layer with no interruptions, whose components can be mixed according to chromatic requirements and the properties of materials, to give top-of-the-range finishes. Its malleability is suited to the more disparate shapes, and every implementation is unique.

By complying with eco-friendly construction criteria, Shapelime guarantees resistance to wear, tear and foot traffic, variable thickness, sound absorption, hygiene. It can be applied on already existing floors, thus avoiding expensive demolitions and prolonged construction times.

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