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The intervention of restoration of Centoris Palace in Vercelli , saw the Primat commitment for the study and the analysis of the historical surface, first through diagnostic investigations aimed at defining  the state of conservation of the plasters  (humidity, soluble salts, detachments of plasters), then through the study of the historical mortars and a formulation of an “ad hoc” mixture for restoration.

Through the collection of small original fragments of plaster, it was possible to analyze the binders,  the aggregates, and the sands used  to then identify the ideal formulation for the intervention of restoration.

Thanks to this targeted formulation and to the care of the support, the stuccos were perfectly integrated with the pre-existence, allowing to perform  the veiling phase and painting reintegration  with maximum  transparency.

For this last operation, were used pure natural  pigments , bonded with potassium liquid silicates.

The intervention allowed to  restore the original pictorial decoration of the facade, restoring brillance and depht  of the surfaces.

A restoration that was the result of a course of study and analysis conduced with rigor and competence  by all the subjects involved and that allowed to enhance one of the most important Palace in Vercelli.